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When you own one or more residential building or are a Real Estate Agent selling properties you know the importance and hassles of maintaining a top-quality building when you are in the process of selling your property. Nothing is more important today than curb-appeal and a perfect looking interior. The property always has to be sparkling clean, should never smell bad, be painted with neutral colors and if feasible should even be staged to attract possible buyers and to achieve the highest return. This can be a tremendous issue if your life goes on as busy as usual or you are not living close to the area where the property is located. That’s where we come in.

Outsource your troubles to us and we take care of it. Not only will we be here when things go wrong, we also take preventive steps to make sure emergencies will be avoided and ensure your property always looks the best when there is a showing. With our monthly, bi-weekly or weekly routine check-up we can detect issues before they become bigger problems and keep the conditions of the property monitored for possible necessary cleaning or touch-ups. Our preventive and monitoring maintenance reduces stress before & during showings by preventing that bigger issues arise right at showing time. It allows you to live your life to the fullest without interruption and showing stress or worries, and leads to a faster and smoother sale of your property. It increases the value of your building and with this achieves a faster sale and higher return.

We also do minor touchups and repairs during our regular check-ups. When bigger issues have to be repaired or restored we handle the complete project for you. We will find the right service for the job, will get quotes, compare prices, schedule, supervise and control the repairs or entire renovation / restoration projects. As a single source of expertise, our team will perform or find and supervise the services you need, exceeding your expectations and freeing you to be able to focus on your life, and the sale of your property.

We are unique among home management and real estate services companies because we act as if your property is our business. We take care of emergencies, preventive maintenance, entire projects and go “beyond the numbers” to ensure that our service will work for you and your specific needs. We will help to keep your life and the sale of your property without interruption and as profitable as possible.

When you outsource your residential home management services to us, you gain the freedom that comes from eliminating your time preparing your property for showings and streamlining your vendor relationships. Having worked in real estate for many years we have the expertise, capability, and resources to consistently manage all the important property care services to insure a smooth sale of your property.

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We provide home management, preventive maintenance and property care for real estate properties.

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